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Choose your package

Select a holiday package to suit your needs, time and budget. All personal services are included in the package, with extra services available from our concierge menu. You may wish to combine packages, subject to the discretion of the surgeon.

Package prices are quoted in Malaysian ringgit and are used as a guide only. Surgery prices could vary during your consultation with the surgeon as additional surgery and recovery time may be required. 

It’s your choice from our excellent range of four and five star hotels or airbnb rentals in the city centre. The package price includes daily breakfast for two (2) guests. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, we recommend that you bring a friend or supporter with you if possible.


Personal Services

  • Information and prices
  • Online assessment
  • Making appointments
  • Hotel reservations
  • Airport and local transfers
  • Welcome bag
  • Optional concierge services
  • A custom-made itinerary
  • A personal support service
  • Follow up service